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What does art mean to me?

Art is in everything we do always.

Art is everchanging always.

Art comes from different angles.

Art comes from the heart.

Art is not just in paints.

Art can be found in organization.

Art is all around us.

Everyone has a little art in them.

Since a young age I always had a curiosity and taste for creating and placing personal touches when it came to a simple drawing, a water color painting, decoration for holidays and more.
I was always interested in creating things, designing, and allowing my works to be viewed by all. From creating cartoons as child, specializing in holiday displays on windows and in my family home, to sketching and watercolors and more.

Art has always played a role in my life. 

My mother, Marilyn D'Amico and my Aunt, Christine Tarbox were some of the early influences in my life when it comes to being expressive and creative. They  showed me how I should always take something and run with it, not to give in but continue your course.

Art is something found in everything you do. The way you choose to act on things, the way you choose to design or even sign your name! Art is all around us and that is what I express through my works of art. Feelings have always played their part in the game of creation. Abstract Art is something I am very close in all of my experiences. Check out the site and enjoy art through my eyes and creative process. 

I believe art is in everyone and every thing around us, we just need to open our eyes and minds to it!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would be interested in bring in a little JDAmico Art into your life. Thanks!

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